Commercial and Residential Indoor Playground Equipment

Indoor playground types of equipment have become very popular in the last decades and you can get one in almost every place you visit whether in shopping/business malls, amusement parks or in residential. They have proven to be more than just a trend but it’s the future. One of the widely known manufacturers of such equipment is the Beston group. Beston Amusement is a manufacturer and supplier of large amusement rides like the bumper cars, carousels, Ferris wheel rides, roller coaster, and a trackless train. For many years, Beston has been recognized globally for placing high-quality indoor playground equipment in both commercial buildings and residential and caters for the unique and specific needs of kids. Indoor playground equipment is safe and adaptable for any environment, whether inside or out.

Commercial Grade indoor playground equipment

Let’s briefly describe commercial indoor playground equipment and residential indoor playground equipment. These are among the few products that Beston has designed to make recreation more fun. Their structures are created to give children a safe and enjoyable place where they can stretch their muscles as they stay active. These collections can be fully customized and therefore you’ve got the opportunity to select the color and theme that would reflect the style of your building/residential community. Additionally, they’re built using the state-of-the-art techniques therefore, the results are remarkable pieces of equipment.

Commercial indoor playground equipment.

This is the most popular game among kids and caters for all different ages. The design of this equipment is very unique and has been divided into four areas, that is, frame area, electric zone, sand area, and training area consisting of a cage, hanging pile and net barrel. It’s also equipped with toys such as water games, coconut tree, and balloon houses. Additionally, it has arch and railway bridges as well as trampolines and slides. All this makes your kid more active as they are having fun. The equipment is suitable for parks, shopping malls, and zoos.

Examples of this type of equipment

– BIDC-01 Angry bird equipment

– BIDC-04 Pirate Ship equipment

– BIDC-05 Beston Large equipment

Residential indoor playground equipment

Residential indoor playground equipment for sale is the ultimate home entertainment for those youngsters within that community. However, it can also be used in shopping malls, a playground, and an amusement park. Some of its technical parameters are that the metals that are used to manufacture this item are galvanized, it has some plastic parts, the posts are made of standard galvanized steel pipes and the outer cover constitutes a soft covering PVC.

Additionally, it has no sharp corners thus safety is maintained, It’s made of non-toxic material and durable thermoplastic UV treated. The equipment can also be used in malls and funfairs.

Examples of Residential indoor playground equipment include:

– BNR-01 73 Square meters Kiddie Kiddie equipment

– BNR-03 Large Apple equipment

– BNR-06 Equipment

Large size indoor playground equipment

Factors to consider when buying commercial indoor playground equipment and residential indoor playground equipment


Every parent wants to see their kids playing in safe grounds and thus there’s the need to check the safety of that equipment. You should buy from a professional manufacturer that commits to providing safe playground equipment with commercial grade.


This is another factor that should influence your purchasing decision. When it comes to design, things to consider include the targeted age group, capacity, color, and usage. Keep in mind that the equipment should not just be for fun but also teach kids something. Let it be an educational tool as well. Remember kids love bright colors.


Consider comparing various products from multiple manufacturers. You can research online on the information regarding the equipment so as to have an idea of what you’ll be looking for. This will help you to know about the description of the product and its technical specifications. Ensure that the outer cover is soft so that kids can be comfortable playing.


You can compare the cost of purchasing the product from several suppliers and manufacturer This will assist you in setting a budget. However, you should be aware that the prices vary depending on the design and the complexity as well as the quality. The item should be easy to clean and maintain it.


This is one factor that most people forget to look into. You should ask if the supplier offers free installation or charges a fee. Additionally, check if the components are easy to install.